Saturday, February 2, 2013

Doctor Who Day

This is possibly my favorite photo ever.  David Tennant is cardboard, and the TARDIS is the one I made.
What can I say about Doctor Who Day?  The idea came from a patron who is a huge fan, and we were off and running.  We picked a day and started thinking up ideas.  I had anticipated we'd get 5-10 people, and was hoping for 20, so imagine my surprise when we had 40 people show up!  Many of them came in costume, too!  We had several Doctors, many with the trademark long scarf, and we even had one 11th Doctor with her friend dressed as a TARDIS!  (I thought I had a photo of them, but I don't! DARN!) We even had one girl who came as a weeping angel, and a classic Whovian in a Doctor Who shirt from the 70s! It was amazing!  The age range was about 5 years old through about 60, and was mostly teenagers; most of the people came in the morning and stayed all day long.  (Said one parent, "I came to pick him up and he didn't want to leave.") 

Of course, we would watch episodes of the TV show; we decided on episodes from the new run of the show rather than classic Doctor Who, because that's what most people are watching, and I asked opinions from many various people about which episodes they thought we should watch.  We ended up with 5 episodes with both the 10th and 11th Doctors.  We had a little extra time at the end, so I had the crowd pick another episode to watch, too.

Just in case you're interested, the episodes we watched were:
“Blink” (season 3, episode 10),
“Silence in the Library” (season 4, episode 8)
“Forest of the Dead” (season 4, episode 9),
“The Pandorica Opens” (season 5, episode 12)
“The Big Bang” (season 5, episode 13)
and by popular vote, "School Reunion" (season 2, episode 3)

Watching your favorite show is more fun when everyone else is into it, too.
Besides the show, which was on all day, we had a trivia contest (with questions culled from various Doctor Who quizzes I found online, which were checked by the fan who wanted Doctor Who Day in the first place).  I had intended to assign point values to the questions and tally up a winner that way, but we had so many people involved that we did it "Spelling Bee Style," where if you got an answer wrong, you sat down, and if you got it right, you'd go to the back of the line.  It was a heated contest, and the winner was excited to get his prize - a wind-up Dalek that patrolled around the tabletop.

Oh, yes! There was also the TARDIS.  This was made (with help by Sophie, who also loaned us her cardboard David Tennant) out a folding partition, some construction paper and printer paper, a pizza box, a plastic blue tablecloth, and a jam jar taped to the top of a light for the light on top.

Not bad, if I do say so myself!
We put this in front of the door, so you had to go through the TARDIS into the meeting room, so it was bigger on the inside.  There was also a Cyberman cake, baked and decorated by yours truly, which was completely gone by noon.
Not a tenth as scary as an actual cyberman. I would like to say this looked better in person, but... it tasted good.
We also went through 9 bags of microwave popcorn and about 6 pitchers of lemonade.  I had not been expecting 40 people in my wildest dreams, so I was unprepared for how much food we needed, but I won't underestimate again.  We have now had requests for other theme days, and we're hoping to hold one a month until people stop showing up.  The next day scheduled is Firefly Day (the space-western Joss Whedon series, not the bug), which will be on March 9. Sci-Fi Saturday is penciled in for May 4.  Others TBD, but they will come. 

So, tell us - what other theme days would you like to see? 

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