Thursday, July 17, 2014

Doctor Who Party - Bow Ties

Bow ties are cool.  Didn't you know? It's because the 11th Doctor wears bow ties. And we all want to be just like him, so... let's make some bow ties! I'm wearing mine in my hair, but you could just as easily pin it to your shirt.
I've always been very stylish.
What You Need:
The photo is sideways, but still valid.
* 1 1/2" wide ribbon
* 1/2" wide ribbon
* Glue gun
*Bobby pin
*Needle and thread (optional)

Step 1:
Decide what size bow you would like; mine is about 4" long, which seems like a good size for this width of ribbon.  Cut your ribbon twice the length of the tie you want, plus about half an inch to overlap.  (For my 4" bow, I cut my ribbon just about 8 1/2" long.)  Cut a piece of your thinner ribbon about 3" long.

Step 2:
Fold your ribbon so that the two ends overlap. Using a drop of hot glue, carefully glue the ribbon to itself.

Step 3:
Accordion fold.
Accordion fold your ribbon, and either glue it together, or use your needle and thread to secure it.  If using a needle and thread, I find that it works well to sew completely through the fold, then wrap the thread around and tie it tightly.
It doesn't matter what color thread you use, since it'll be covered up.
Step 4:
Glue one end of the short ribbon to the top of the back (the glued side) of the bow, and wrap it completely around the middle, starting going down the back of the bow.  Glue the end of the ribbon to itself once it's wrapped completely around.
Like this. Does this photo make sense?
Step 5:

Slide a bobby pin (or other fastener - an elastic, a headband, or an alligator clip would work) through the middle portion of the bow.  Attach and enjoy.

The Finished Product:

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